Our company provides installation services (ie. supply & install) at S$120 per sqm or S$11.20 per sqft & charges are calculated base on size of flyscreen required (size of frame).


A minimum charge of S$120 per flyscreen applies for window sizes smaller than 1 sqm.

If you require a quote, kindly furnish us with the sizes of the frame in centimetres (CM) or calculate an estimated cost using the formula below:-

Formula: (width in cm x height in cm)/10000 x 120

Example 1 : Frame size 112cm x 137cm - Price for supply & install will be (112 x 137)/10000 x 120 = S$184

Example 2 : Frame size 79cm x 100cm - Price for supply & install will be S$95 S$120 (minimum charge of $120 applies)

Kindly email Name / Mobile / Address to to arrange an on-site inspection & measurement.